Sports and Design Collide

The world seems massive, huge, and some areas are almost unfathomable. But in reality, it takes certain world events, both good and bad, to make you realize how completely small and in touch with each other we are.

The FIFA World Cup brings together so many countries and cultures together. We all root for the underdog or record breakers to make history while we watch. No politics or statements made, just the united love of a sport.

It was interesting to see these colors and Russian influences on runway for Menswear Spring 2019. Deeper primary colors and pops of crimson were evident in both Prada and Versace.

While there is a nod to the old with the outerwear, there is definitely a modern flair with pattern and boldness.

How will this influence the interior design world? It's probably too soon to tell. However, this little design hound thinks we will see some of the blue, which has been so dominant for the past few years, make way for the deep crimson red and warmer tones. Maybe a little more traditional thrown in the transitional bucket too.

Similar to the Emerge Collection. A little traditional cup pull with a modern flair in the soft movement of the lines. It’s a great compliment to flat front modern cabinetry but also looks fantastic on more traditional styles too.


Knikki Grantham
Trend Manager

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