Keeler Brass Was Founded

Miner S., Isaac H., and George Keeler founded Keeler Brass CO.
Keeler Moves to Grand Rapids

Keeler moves to a new Grand Rapids facility in order to be closer to the flourishing furniture industry
Supported War Effort

Keeler manufactures products for military use during World War I
REO Royale Part Was Produced

Keeler manufactured the hood ornament for the REO Royale
Supported War Effort

Keeler participates in producing military goods for WWII, including the magazine for the M3A1 gun
Ford Truck Parts Produced

Keeler produced the hood ornament for the 1964 Ford F-100 Truck
Custom Hardware

A custom "X" shaped handle was designed by furniture designer, Paul Frankl for Brown Saltman Furniture
Keeler Acquires Belwith

Keeler acquires Belwith from Belasco & Withers
Keeler Centennial

The Keeler Company celebrated 100 years of business in 1993. A letter was sent informing their customers of upcoming milestones and thanking them for their support.
Belwith-Keeler Launches

Belwith-Keeler is launched by FKI
Trump Home Collection

Custom made hardware for a contemporary collection of Trump Home by Lexington Furniture; inspired by the penthouses of New York
120th Anniversary

Keeler celebrates its 120th anniversary. Introduces the Keeler Architectural Door Hardware category

Belwith-Keeler's Largest Reveal Yet

Our constant commitment continues as we lead the hardware industry in design, craftsmanship, and innovation.
Belwith-Keeler is reborn in elegance, presenting its largest reveal yet.

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