Vale Collection
1953, mid-century modern style
Firenze Collection
Modern flair meets classic glamour
Monroe Collection
Capturing timeless beauty and glamour
Flex Collection
Bold contemporary, architectural statement

About Us

Belwith-Keeler® is a brand refined in elegance, with trend-leading design, inspired by the latest fashion. Our product line is refined with expert fit and finish, adding only the finest to our living library of design since 1893.

1-3/4 In. Vale Knob
From $10.99
128mm Vale Pull
From $16.99
3 In. Vale Knob
From $15.99
Heavenly Bodies

Heavenly Bodies

I couldn’t think of a more “heavenly body” to reference than the Belwith-Keeler Monroe Collection.  With its transitional yet intriguing shape, it's perfect for most palettes and styles. 
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Mood Indigo

Mood Indigo

Indigo was definitely the color of the Las Vegas Winter Furniture Market.  Indigo has a self reflecting calm, confident coolness about it said to increase personal thought and insights.  It was paired both with brass tones and silver tones as a much needed break from the neutral grey that has overwhelmed the market for the past 4-5 years. 
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Stay Calm and Go for the GOLD!

Stay Calm and Go for the GOLD!

Whether you’re a die hard fan who has anxiously awaited the return of the Winter Olympics or a novice who has become enamored by the charisma of ice-skater Adam Rippon, the phenomenal snowboarder Chloe Kim, or the tearful exit of icon Lindsey Vonn, the Winter Olympics will spark a surge in the already popular blue fad.
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