When Art and Analyzation Meet...

In a perfect world, art and analyzation meet, get married and have a set of twins called Trend and Inspiration. Stories have often stirred about regarding the special bond and connection that twins share. Separated twins sharing life events, “feeling” the pain of the other twin, and a “physic” connection and even developing their own language to communicate with each other. Trend and Inspiration share these connections.

Trend is the general movement over time of a statistically detectable change. So to detect the trend, one must watch, record and analyze to see what prevails. At the same time, Inspiration happens as a designer is subliminally exposed to a Trend occurring over and over. When those two merge, well that is when the perfect design happens. A design that transcends a come and go trend, one that is founded in timelessness. Many trends will show, few will repeat and even fewer will hang around when many others have dissipated.

So, while everyone is on the “Trend” bandwagon. Belwith looks for the twins. Trend and Inspiration…..and our designs the language they created together.

As a 20 year veteran of the furniture industry, as early as age seven, I can recall the smell of cut lumber, sawdust floors, and the sound of air guns as they build the furniture. Thirsty for knowledge, there is rarely a time when I am not studying my industry. Attending shows, schools, seminars, webinars and reading both classic and current articles regarding design and décor.  Belwith has access to over 100 years of hardware catalogs, and I dare say that I have studied MOST of them.

I have spent most of my career watching, recording and analyzing so that I can provide my clients with a timeless design or décor. Along with myself, the Belwith Design Team works tirelessly to provide our customers with trend-right yet timeless designs, just as we have since 1893.


Knikki Grantham
Trend Manager

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