Pantone of the Year

It’s here! Earlier today, December 8,2016, Pantone announced it’s Color of the Year for 2017. GREENERY received this designation, and although this one was not as surprising as the tandem colors of last year, it is nonetheless intriguing.

Greenery is a fresh, yellow-green that reminds us to disconnect so that we can reconnect. It is reminiscent of the first signs of spring, so just as the new sprouts emerge from the soil in the spring, Greenery is life affirming and represents new beginnings. We are a work centric society, where physical touch has become limited and screen time is the norm, Greenery reminds us that we need to connect to each other and connect to something greater as a whole. Greenery also helps to slow stress hormones and reminds us to take a deep breath and oxygenate.

While the “green” movement itself has been around a while, you see larger big box giving more vital real estate to organic and green products, as the urgency from millennials is not only know WHAT we eat and WHAT we use on our bodies, but HOW it is made and what impact it will have on future generations. There is more focus on climate change and depletion of resources and we look to the up coming generations to evoke a change. This yellow-green color first emerged in the 20’s as a somewhat risky color palette. It didn’t remerge again until the 60’s as that generation was one that called for rebirth and change.

What a perfect way to end 2016. In a year that has been inundated with angst, turmoil, and uncertainty, perhaps a little bit of Greenery is just what we all need. To feed something with positivity and nurturing and watch it grow. I know I certainly will grab a little bit of Greenery to add to my décor for 2017, will you?


By name alone, the Trellis collection evokes visions of lattice and ivy. What a great way to incorporate "greenery" into your kitchen or bath.


With the organic movement and fluidity, the Amaranta collection pairs wonderfully with the suggestive organic nature of Greenery.

Knikki Grantham
Trend Manager

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