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We know that having options as an interior designer is important. 

Our trend experts analyze the fashion and home decor industry to bring the lastest innovation to our product. It's the perfect selection for any designer looking to bring fashion, art, and luxury into a creative space. That is why we created our sample program.



Here's How It Works...


1. Browse

Browse our selection of over 500 items of knobs and pulls. Choose up to 3 knobs or pulls that are 160mm or less in overall length.

2. Select

Choose "request a sample" on the product page to add up to 3 different samples to your shopping cart, and we'll ship them to you for $5 per item.

3. Compare

Test your hardware samples with your mood boards or cabinet finish to find the perfect design. Choose the finish that you love.


4. Purchase

Once you decide on the perfect style and finish that compliments your project, you can find a dealer near you using our showroom locator.



How we provide

Design Perfection

Belwith-Keeler® is a brand refined in elegance, with trend-leading design, inspired by the latest fashion. Our product line is exquisite adding only the finest to our living library of design since 1893. Our history is rich in the decorative hardware industry and we've made it our mission to get the right look and feel for our customers. Not only does our products offer a wide variety of styles and finishes, but each decorative design created is supported by inspiration found in the design community. With Belwith-Keeler hardware you can attain the most elegant and luxurious looks in the market.

Our design is inspired by trends, re-imagined by artisans

to bring you a refined product selection.


Experience Luxury

Want See It First-Hand?

With showrooms all across the country, you can see our hardware in person.  Seeing is believing. We encourage you to take a look at our industry leading hardware first-hand. Maybe you just want to discover new styles and inspiration for your next project.  We are confident that you will find just what your looking for in high-end fashion design. Click below to find a showroom near you.


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