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“Belwith Keeler’s Bijou X Pull will be introduced in January 2022 as part of the Bijou Collection, although it was originally created in the 1960s for a furniture collection designed by Paul Frankl...” —KBB, page 51. To read more about the Bijou X Pull, click the button below.

Rigid lines that once separated the domains of fashion, art, interior design, and architecture have long blurred. Home interiors inspired by fashion have come to the fore, driving trends and energizing designers and customers alike to rethink their space as a reflection of self. Unique, one-a-kind, and special. Our wardrobe is how we project ourselves into the world. Our spaces are a reflection of who we are, what we aspire to be and what we call, “home.” Make it different, make it uniquely “you."

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The Bijou Collection is the culmination of years of archival designs from Belwith Keeler’s rich legacy, combined with new ideas. These pieces have been reimagined in exceptional, timeless finishes. This is not merely hardware - this is cabinet jewelry! If interested in ordering any of the Bijou products, please contact sales (sales@belwith.com) for price and availability.

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