The Keeler Legacy Lives on at the Grand Rapids Art Museum


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Miner S. Keeler was one of three brothers who came together at the behest of their father to form the Keeler Brass Company in the midst of the financial scourge of 1893. Together, the brothers acquired and transformed a failing manufacturing company into one of the city's largest and most successful employers. Today, the effects of their philanthropy can still be felt. Miner S., along with his wife, Mary Ann Keeler, have always been avid supporters of the local arts and education communities.Exhibit with vase sculpture in centerThe famous Alexander Calder sculpture La Grand Vitesse, which stands at 525 Ottawa Ave, was in part possible thanks to the support of the Keelers, who were the largest contributors to the project. Visit the Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM) to view the drafts and preliminary ideas for the Calder sculpture, and much more at An Extraordinary Legacy: The Miner S. and Mary Ann Keeler Collection. Other artists represented in their collection include Pablo Picasso, Mark di Suvero, Andy Warhol, and many others. The show is ongoing, running until October 8, 2022.Sketches of Alexander Calder sculptureGRAM free viewing days:

  • Tuesdays from 12-6pm 
  • Thursdays from 5-9pm

An Extraordinary Legacy: The Miner S. and Mary Ann Keeler Collection

May 17, 2022 – October 8, 2022

Level 3, Gallery 5-7

Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM)

101 Monroe Center St. NW Grand Rapids, MI 49503


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