Roses are Red, Violets are…the Color of the Year!

Pantone revealed its Color of the Year for 2018, Ultra Violet, and I have heard it caught some people by surprise. In the design community it has caused a tremendous amount of debate over whether Pantone got it right with the undertone of this purple. It is a blue-based purple with almost a milky or opaque hue to it. Ultra Violet is somewhat spiritual or mystical in nature. It has a calm, celestial, and a bit of botanical feel to it. Ultra Violet is predicted to spark our creativity in a world that needs the boundaries of creativity pushed. It is said to invoke a feeling of optimism and well-being as we look in to the future.

What does it mean for kitchen, bath and home decor?

Well, I believe we will see blues remain in the kitchen as a strong accent color as many people will not make the jump to purple. But you might see it in more home décor and accessories. Color tones will go cooler. The strong kitchen trend of white and or contrast tone kitchens, will continue with the blue accents. We might see the marble countertops go cooler with more veins that have the purple hues. And as for metals, our Brushed Golden Brass, Elusive Golden Nickel, and Flat Ultra Brass have the right tone to complement this Ultra Violet and our Black Nickel is a new exciting and somewhat cool-toned and blue-based itself, so I see it as a fantastic explanation point to a kitchen cabinet showing off your color forecasting knowledge!

However you choose to apply it, I believe Ultra Violet will make a huge impact on 2018. For some of us, it reminds us of good times growing up with the Purple one himself as the musical influence of a whole generation, and for others it will remind them to believe in things bigger than they are and to have hope and even belief in things that aren’t tangible or explainable.


Knikki Grantham

Trend Manager


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