Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice...That’s What Fall is Made Of!

The old saying was “sugar and spice and everything nice”, but that was really for Generation X or their predecessors. The Millennial generation should adopt the phrase “pumpkin spice and everything nice.” The Starbucks buying, Target shopping, insta-liking millennials dive head first into the seasonal shopping craze. They wait meticulously for the minute they can buy their perennials, pumpkins, and pull out their boots and scarves and fill their home with the scents of the season.

That brings to mind warm palettes of ambers, rust, maples, goldens and aubergenes, all bringing an earthy, organic homey feel to the home. It can be achieved through the sense of smell and warm candle burners or with accessories that remind one of a brisk fall day.

The runway always sets the tone for the fall season, and there are three trends in particular that will be prominent this fall. Gold Velvets, Glitter and Feminine Florals have already made it to the retail space. My 11 year old daughter even noticed the velvet trend while we were shopping for her birthday. I, myself, found a mustard-gold blouse with floral appliques at Target perfect for the fall.

Straight from the runway for fall 2017, Erdem and Jason Wu featured rich velvets in harvest color golds reminiscent of the colors one would see in a basket of gourds or of turning leaves on a maple tree. Add a touch of velvety gold to your home with our Ingot collection or Trellis in Flat Ultra Brass.

Zimmermann and Christopher Kane hit the runway and left a little sparkle behind. This brings to mind the frost and shimmer of winter ice storms and the reflection of Christmas tree lights against the Christmas decorations. Our Callisto collection in chrome or bright nickel has the same reflective nature.

Mary Kratrantzou and Erdem hit again with feminine florals. The patterns are larger and more random like that of a perennial mixture that one might use to accent their garden or porch. Our Olivet and Fuller collections in the Vintage Bronze and Oil-Rubbed Bronze make a great grounding contrast against the accent of brilliant florals.





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