Friluftsliv-in’ October Trend-Sight

We’ve all become familiar with whatever design “catch phrase” is trending, but how do they actually translate or convey in application?


I had one catch my eye recently… friluftsliv — pronounced “free-loves-liv,” the Nordic concept which literally means “open-air living” or outdoor adventures. As we enter the fall season, no matter what the weather conditions, I don’t see that slowing down outdoor adventures in the slightest. As temperatures cool, it almost invites us to watch nature transition into this serendipitous feeling.

We could see the emergence of this as the “biophilic” trend, which was peaking during the quarantine. As the pandemic subsides and socialization starts to uptick, we have all become used to “outdoor” events and gatherings as the norm. We connected to nature on a different level and chose to bring that connection and consciousness of being outdoors… even when we are nested at home. 


On the Runways of 2020, we could see the palettes transitioning to this as many designers chose to have their shows in gardens or outdoor landscapes, and they're continuing that into the 2021 Fashion shows.

In the home sector, Sherwin Williams announced their color of the year for 2022 as Evergreen Fog, a blue based green with a cooler undertone. Our placement of furniture near windows which traditionally had more “dressing” around them are now minimally adorned, allowing more nature to seep through. We have become aware of vitamin therapy and the healing of nature itself. 

Materials such as rattan and cane, earth conscious stones and recycled fabs, vegan leathers… which have all been on the rise of late, add more connectivity to nature and a sense of “stated responsibility” to the environment. Other ways to incorporate this micro-trend is by adding greenery, fresh flowers, nature-infused candles or aroma therapy, artwork or even metal in organic forms. 

The Belwith Keeler Olivet Collection has smooth yet organic movement, it is understated in nature, which is in-line with the more Nordic translation concept of open-air living.

Also suitable within this trend would be the Fuse Collection, with its wood inserts as well as the Junzi Collection, which mimics bamboo and has a bit more of a furniture type feel. So open the space, invite nature in!


Knikki Grantham
Trend Manager 

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