5 Things to Love About the Trellis Collection

1. The Curves 

While we all love a sleek bar pull, those can become rather mundane and “me too”.  Looking at the opposite end of the design spectrum isn’t very different: a lot of overdone traditional.  Trellis offers something different.  It has curves and movement, as well as structure and simplicity.  The feminine curves grab your eye in a sea of rectangular doors and delights with sophisticated and flowing lines.

2. Style Options

The signature Trellis pull can be paired with three different knobs, which allow this collection to span a fresh and feminine contemporary to a more structured and traditional interior.  If you are initially drawn to this collection there are items within it to express your style.    

3. Hot Finishes

Finish is a large part of why a particular knob or pull is chosen.  In the Trellis collection, multiple silver and gold tones are abundant, offering modern brightness to your space.  You can warm up a space with a smooth, flat brass (our FUB finish) or go bling-y with a polished nickel (our 14 finish).  These are two of my favorites for Trellis as they show off the design beautifully and hit on current interior trends.

4. It’s Trendy

The quatrefoil pattern can be seen in most interior, design, and fashion magazines as well as in furniture, fabrics, and tiles.  We have embraced it as an element that will continue to be popular.  The Trellis design concept originated in our design archive and was refined to hit today’s trends.

5. It’s Classic

The previously mentioned quatrefoil pattern originates from an architectural detail in Gothic and Renaissance architecture, whose design elements continue to prove to be pleasing to our eyes and relevant in our homes.  The Trellis collection contains those same classic elements and will keep your home looking elegant for years to come.

Lisa Koskela
Senior Manager of Design

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